Fridge Magnet Mosaic

Colorful geometric mosaic pieces you can combine to cool Vasarely ( like art pieces on your fridge.

Fridge magnets title

Here is what you need:
– 3 sheets (letter sized; 8.5 inches x 11inches) of magnetic foil, in the USA Michael’s sell them.
– 3 sheets of arts and crafts foam in different colors (cut to letter sized; 8.5 inches x 11 inches), in the USA Michael’s sell them
– Exacto Knife or Utility Knife with new blade
– Paper Glue Stick
– Metal Ruler
– Printer, Computer
– 10 Push Pins
– Large Metal Surface (i.e. refrigerator, metal whiteboard, car)

Fridge magnets red pattern

Step 1: Glue foam sheets to magnetic sheets

Glue foam sheets to magnetic sheets

Step 2: Cut away any overhanging foam sheet

Cut away any overhanging foam sheet

Step 3: Pattern

Download and print out paper pattern sheets (make sure not to skew prints by fitting to pageformats other then the original letter size)
Alternatively you can make your own patterns. I.e. squares, diamonds based on 15 degree increments, pentagons, etc.

C:\medium diamonds.PDF2 KB

C:\small diamonds.PDF2 KB

C:\big diamonds.PDF1 KB

Step 4: Transfer Pattern

Use 5 to 10 pushpins to affix the pattern sheet to the foam/magnetic sheet, by pushing the pins through the paper and underlying sheet on pattern intersections around the outer areas of the pattern.
Use another pin to make holes in every pattern intersection. This methods allows you to transfer the pattern without marking the foam and also helps with the cutting of each piece.
When you are done, remove the pattern sheet.

Step 5: Cut out the pieces

Align the ruler with the pin holes and cut foam and underlying sheet. Be careful not to cut the sheet all the way through to the edges of the sheet. This will help holding the sheet together, when making the intersecting cuts.
Make the intersecting cuts. Be certain to use a new, sharp knife blade and to hold the foam down with the ruler where you cut so that the knife does not rip through the foam.

Step 6: Break out pieces and repeat for other sheets/patterns

Break out the pieces.
Repeat for the two remaining sheets.

Step 7: Mosaics!

Make space on your fridge doors and create cool mosaics on your fridge with the pieces you made.
If you’d rather buy some magnetic mosaics, check out this [link]


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